First Session: The Iterative App: From Discord to Design

April 15, 2007

This is a session by Kelly Goto from

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This session was about design, develop, prototype, test, deploy, and then do it all over again. The focus was on how to shift your development process from a web 1, to a web 1.5 to a web 2.0 methodology.

Web 1 is the process that we all used in the first generation web sites and application, requirements, document, design, develop, test and deploy, each traunch being relativity running in it's own silo. Web 1.5 was the merging of some aspects of those silos and the use of more prototyping, bringing in the concept of rapid development. Web 2.0, uses methodologies like Scrum to manage the project. It employs a more hybrid type of designer, one that can design the UI and have the ability to develop the programming behind the interface. The development cycle is broken into short cycles of deliverables and successes.

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