Why the iPhone will rock…
is rocking the world

Well, as a person that is visual and not textual, I can sum this up fairly quickly… have you ever used a “smart phone”? well then you know why the iPhone will rock. They all suck! I know, aghast!! your not talking about my Blackberry/Treo/Moto-q… etc, I love my addiction. But as someone who uses (for the next 10 days only I hope) a Treo 750 that sticks, stutters, drains the battery in a matter of hours (while not using it) and even despite the Verizon 3G network, the email is slow and the web usage, aka experience… blows. I’m not a new Treo user, I’ve come from a long history of “smart devices”, Treo 650, Treo 600 blackberry (forgot the moniker) and even that strange brick (small brick) sized Qualcom Palm phone of the late 90’s. So if reputation is anything, even in a 1.0 product the iPhone will rock the competition not because it’s going to be the end all amazing phone, because it will suck less a lot less, than everything else.

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