Recurring SXSW dream

Strange as it may be… I spent the past week at the SXSW festival with little sleep lots of partying and meeting many, many new friends. What I didn’t expect was that upon my return home to New York, where I anticipated getting some rest, was not going to happen—at least I avoided the @southbyscurvy. I am also trying to catch up on two weeks missed work (FOWA the week before) so I been putting in my 15-18 hour days, that’s cool I am so use to it, it is second nature.

What I didn’t anticipate is the ghosts of SXSW to come haunting me in my very small window of precious sleep, so desperately needed. Every night since my return I have been gripped with a dream that dispelled the class system of: gender, race, intelligence and celebrity status, and formed a world based upon character status of lifecasters (full time video streamers), podcasters and bloggers. These classes status was what everyone was trying to achieve, and was it a hectic, dark time. Swirling, posturing, fighting pushing, shoving to gain a different new social status was/is, (hopefully not tonight) the center piece of my affliction. In my dream the social climbing was intense, lifescasters were the celebrities, the podcasters wanted to be lifecasters and the bloggers were pissed because they had skills (so they thought) that far surpassed the videoers, but were stuck in the lowest class in the system.

I honestly don’t know how this will pan out over time because, this is as far as the dream has taken me. I think what is weird is that the twitters’ never surfaced in the dream, maybe it is because they will and they will surpass all the class status dogmas and therefore rule the content sphere… hmm maybe, maybe not.

I speculate, the worst think you can do is speculate about dreams… especially when they are your own.So if the dream resurfaces this evening, I will be looking forward to another restless night and to anyone who may actually read this can look forward to the next chapter…

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  • I think dreams are important to pay attention to. Sometimes they're just dreams. Sometimes they're exactly what you need to pay attention to.

    Oh, and twitterites will rule them all. Or not. But we will be having the most fun.

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