ok, so fowa and sxsw and
barcampnyc wasn’t enough

The Empressr team of Bryan and Mike are off to Amsterdam for the Next Web conference April 2nd thru the 4th. I went as a viewer last year and it was absolutely great, one of the best conferences I’ve been to (not including fowa miami and sxsw), I expect this year to be the same but better. The big difference this year is that we will be participating and that rocks. So if you were hesitant about going now is your chance to see me on stage, at the Next Web presenting Empressr. I hope you can come out/over to the event it’s going to be awesome. Oh and Kevin and Alex form Diggnation will be doing a Diggnation show there, that might be worth showing up for as well! oh and did I mention that it is in Amsterdam…

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