We bought this cute little cottage on a lake in Montauk…

cottageWe knew it was going to be a project from the start. An old fisherman’s cottage with little record of construction date and no certificate of occupancy. We bought it kinda sight unseen (believe it or not in a bidding war that we won, then was reopened to another round, we stood fast and still won…) but it was all about the location.


It’s on a small piece of property close to town and really close to the pond, which is cool, but imposes a myriad of legal issues.

The biggest one is that we couldn’t tear it down and rebuild it, which was not our intention we planned on demoing the interior and re-skinning it with new services and new fixtures… or so we thought.

brt_1734While doing the demo we found that the house was built from mostly scrap wood and fishing crates, there were dead animals in the attic and rotting wood everywhere, then came looking at the roof, yup, it had to go. We have rebuilt the foundation, all the exterior walls and are putting a new roof on… pretty much a new shack on top of the old shack. Which is cool, I like small houses, even thoiughI live in an obnoxiously large loft in NYC.

So this weekend the house looks like this!

teardown teardown

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