Wrapped up the student mentoring yesterday

This is the first time I have done something like this, It was fun to create something that was not related to Empressr or Fusebox. Well it is kinda related to Empressr, I was helping to create a visual story using as combination of video and stop motion animation. I haven’t seen the final yet but I think Cosmo will do a great job in the final editing. Cosmos mom sent me a nice note as follows

Hi Bryan-
Thanks so much for all the time you’ve spent with Cosmo helping him with his Arts Festival project. It’s much more than I expected and he’s been so happy to have worked with you. He’s loved working on his little film and your expertise and equipment has made it that much easier. I’m sure all the other kids doing films at Clinton are jealous!

Working with you has really been a terrific experience for Cosmo. Thanks again for coming through for him.

See you soon.

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