Making Fusebox and Empressr just a little greener

Getting bottled water has always bothered me, it seemed like such a waste, between the processing and trucks delivering it, makes the water very unfriendly to the environment. So last week we got rid of the bottled water and installed a water purification system, the system feeds both the water cooler and the coffee machine. I’m pretty happy and bonus number one, the water tastes better. A residual bonus is a savings of almost $500 a month. cool, more for the Friday beer fund. (I also never liked the idea of drinking water that has been stored in plastic containers)

Today I am implementing a hard shutdown every night of all desktop computers, their monitors and all peripherals, including the printers. By doing this it will allow us to set the temperature of the HVAC units to 90º during the weekends and overnight. Being in the penthouse has its advantages, like lots of natural light, and a huge disadvantage is the heat from the roof and skylights makes it a cooker in here.

So two small steps, I feel a little better, and we’ll save a few bucks. Win, Win for us and the planet

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