These guys actually get paid to write shit like this?

I love CNN, but I don’t get the purpose or the intent of this article! One the iPhone rocks, yes it is missing a few features I would really love to have. The usability, like no other phone or device, EVER. Need to get your email, you know exactly what button to click, need web, same, need sms or to make a call, simple, easy. The addition of 3g will be awesome.

So Ben Charmy and Roger Cheng seem to want more, actually they don’t say what feature or what more that they want, (they really don’t say anything worth substance) they reference Nokia, shit I love my Nokia also, but the user experience is total shit, terrible, almost unusable. I still have to think about what to do to make a phone call, forget about finding other features when you need them, the interface is dismal. Apple released the iPhone about a year ago, these guys think that for a “ground breaking” release apple should of done something like redesign the interface, what the fuck are they smoking, the interface is great, almost perfect. The addition of 3rd party apps, yes, the addition of 3g, yes, better battery life, yes. My only damn is, I wish is the iPhone had video, but today QIK and Flixwagon both announced 3rd party applications that will allow you to create streaming video using your iPhone. Is the master plan to let 3rd party developers create the applications that the iPhone lacks… YES. Thats why they exist and if the iPhone did streaming video, these guys wouldn’t have a viable iPhone solution.

Did either of you use any of the first, second, third or even forth generation devices from Palm or Rim? yeah they were ok, but not really, they kinda sucked, actually really sucked, I was an early user of both Rim and Palm and after what…8 years… they have products that don’t suck so bad. (I dropped Rim after trying their first product, was almost unusable, used a Palm Treo until the iPhone)

Wake up! you two are clueless, do you expect newborn children to pop out and head to an office to earn a living! Both Palm and Rim’s initial product barely walked, the iPhone was jogging, with the latest update it’s running, soon sprinting. (hmm I can’t believe it actually took 2 people to write this) An Apple bash without substance just to drive traffic to your post, grow the fuck up. maybe you should be looking for another job.

As a side note, I’m not referencing the article for a reason, Google it if you like to read slop

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