A little twitter management

Last night I finally got to following peeps that have been gracious enough to follow me over the last few weeks. I’ve considered using a bot to auto-follow new followers, but I do have 2 criteria for following and I don’t know of a bot that you can assign these types of constraints to.

  1. No avatar=no follow, yes I’ve broken this rule in the past, hence why a bot can’t decide to follow someone just because the are a nooby
  2. does it look, smell, taste, like a spam bot=no follow, and yes I have broken this one as well. Twitter has enough flow of conversations during the day to make anyone’s head spin, and if you are working, it’s really hard. Spammers=block after one or two confirmed spams

That’s about it for my follow strategy, now for my current following strategy!

I just went thru all the peeps that I follow, but haven’t returned the favor, they were pinged with a new follow request. I’ll wait a few weeks and then remove them from my following list. of course like above there are exceptions, there are a few people that I enjoy reading their tweets and most likely, I will not move them to the deadbeat status.

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