Get with the program folks

Airport security my be an oxymoron, I wonder all the time if the inconvenience is actually worth it.

But so long as we have to deal with the security lines, lets all get along together. 80% of the people making their way thru security are the ones screwing up the system, by creating some efficiency will make the user experience at best tolerable.

So a few tips:

Prior to getting to the table to place your stuff on, put all loose things in your carry on. You should have your carry on and your luggage if you are not checking your bags.

Grab 2 bins, If you need more that 2 bins, you are carrying too much stuff.

Get all the heavy metal crap outta your pockets before arriving at the line, how many times do you watch someone, beep, then empty their pockets.

Got a laptop? first make it accessible, second, put it in a bin by its self, and do that first, really do it first before removing your shoes

Shoes, ok how long have we been going shoeless thru the metal detector (way to long, upgrade the damn detectors, I digress) your shoes come off last, for those of you who decide that knee high tied footwear are the right thing for air travel, you are wrong, same goes for tied shoes, high top sneakers, and any other shoe that requires more than 2 seconds to remove both.

Place shoes in the second bin along with your jacket etc

Rolling baggage, does not go on the table, roll that until the last second and put it on the xray machine belt.

If you follow these simple rules the line will move fast and efficient making your fellow travelers much happier.

And finally, once thru the metal detector, collect your stuff and move, don’t put your shoes on, don’t put your laptop back in you bag, just grab it and move on, there are usually tables located right past the collection zone, that’s what they are there for, so use them.


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