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This was from a Wired article Jun 29, 2000 about a company I had started called Udefine, it was a really cool idea, still ahead of it’s time it was a “Find Engine”

I love the quote we got!

New site busts out: This year, the number of provocatively dressed booth babes at PC Expo continued to dwindle, as most vendors stressed substance over style. Startup Udefine however, employed a curvaceous woman in a micro skirt and a half T-shirt emblazoned with their booth number to walk the expo floor.

Tamar Stern said she only took on the role of techie temptress to help out a friend who worked at Udefine. Stern, who works as a jewelry designer, said the booth was “never empty” thanks to her strutting.

Her act may have been a little too enticing for one unfortunate gent: As he focused on Stern, someone stole a camera from his cart, which also contained a pet rabbit.


  • Nice booth babes works!!! 🙂

  • Apparently Cuil was not quite ready for launch during the first day or two – many medium long tail queries did not return results at all, and even general queries returned way fewer results than they should have considering Cuil's claims of having indexed so many pages already. They did improve somewhat afterward, however, and seem to be picking up more results and increasing relevance as more people have been testing out the engine.

    In the long run, I hope they get things together and perform well enough to compete with the major search engines and then maybe do some advertising. I would like to see more serious competitors to Google in order to hold their power in check and encourage more transparency overall.

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