Whenever I get upset with Apple

I just need to try a different OS, today I received an very cool mini notebook, an HP 2133. It is part of the deal going to the Office 2.0 conference, you get a “free” mini notebook, last year they gave out “free” iphones. I am writing this post from the HP, so it does actually work, but like crap. And it’s not even running windows, it is running SUSE Linux from Novell.

No drivers for my evdo usb card, flaky connection to my office wifi and I just can’t stand that the mouse pointer, like windows takes and effort to point it in the correct position, WTF! I need to use two hands just to work the trackpad, I feel like this is the first time I used a computer.

But I like the form, but not the function… maybe I’m just use to Mac working the way that you expect a computer to work. I will give this little guy a chance (ok that bit of text ended up in a place I didn’t expect, I guess there is no trackpad management) a chance ent of moveme

The last paragraph WTF, words and letters seem to just place themselves
wherever they want!

So I will give this some time and be really careful about the trackpad, but unless I can get my Verizon wireless USB card to work, this cute little machine will quickly become useless,,,

an ending thought, if I were to be creating an OS that will beat all others on the market, why the hell would I model it after windows… crazy

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