Pownce enters the deadpool


When I first signed up for Pownce it was probably a few weeks after I had started to use Twitter. I sent my Twitter updates to Pownce, because I was too lazy to update in yet another place. I checked in every week or so and never generated any traction in my user base, so after a couple of months I just started ignoring it, other than the occasional email from Leah, with a link to some image of mp3.
To me it seems like Pownce died about 6 months ago, and has been limping along on life support, it's the decent thing to do—pull the plug.

One comment on “Pownce enters the deadpool”

  1. Officially, Six Apart bought Pownce or the Pownce technology. We'll see if they end up integrating into MT or Typepad or whatever. Seems like it would have fit nicely into Twitter.

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