The Founder Institute

I’m honored to be part of the TheFunded, Founder Institutes first semester. I am one of the mentors to new and old founders that are passionate about building the next startups that will change the world. I will be working with founders on Ideation, Product Planning. We are going to change the world of how startup incubation is done, this is really exciting.

The Founder Institute:

TheFunded Founder Institute is a new founder-centric incubator that trains new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to lead the next generation of innovative companies. The unique 4-month program offers the industry’s most founder-friendly startup environment, mentorship from renowned CEOs, fundraising opportunities at fair market value, and shared equity upside for all participants. Passionate founders are invited to apply today at

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Why is the Institute special?

— The Institute protects founders from exploitive practices with a founder-centric offering,
— Offers founders upside from pooled equity in participating companies,
— Secures heavily discounted products, tools, and services, and
— Attracts fair market investment from top-rated investors.

don’t forget to follow @founding and myself to keep in touch with what the plans are @bryanthatcher

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