Founder Showcase Recap

Thanks again for attending last week’s Founder Showcase – we hope you had a great time! The Founder Showcase is a quarterly event, so we’re always looking to improve – please leave us feedback at

As a recap to the event;

MightyMeeting‘s Dmitri Tcherevik won top pitch, winning $2500 in cash, $1000 in free legal from Cooley Godward Cronish LLP, a free 2-day rental of a Ferrari, and other prizes. He also got some great press in this TechCrunch article. You can contact him here.

Other presenters included;

  • Skydera -Skydera develops a cloud utility platform that it licenses to small and medium sized enterprise companies to manage public cloud infrastructure. Contact them.
  • SnapitToMe -SnapItTo.Me helps people looking for photos find custom photography through hosted photo contests, saving them time and money, while helping photographers gain wider access to opportunities and credentialize their growing portfolios. Contact them.
  • Molo Rewards -MoLo Rewards develops a platform for green loyalty programs and coupons using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) at the point of sale. Contact them.
  • Timesight Systems -TimeSight Systems has developed an application which compresses stored video over time as it ages and becomes less valuable, thereby saving up to 90% of the storage normally required for hi-resolution surveillance video. Contact them.
  • Bonvoy – Bonvoy is a Facebook application that allows users to book trips at discounted rates and share their plans and experiences with their friends. Contact them.
  • Contineo -Contineo connects disparate medical information systems through a single unified mobile client, providing access to nurse call, electronic medical records and patient monitoring systems. Contact them.
  • Peerbelt – Peerbelt is a search engine based on what you have searched for before, giving you personalized  results based on your online search behavior. Contact them.
  • PrivateOnlineDating -Online Dating 2.0: like Zoosk for Grownups! Contact them.
  • ZeSecret -ZeSecret is a mathematically safe way to make a first move in online dating. Contact them.
  • UDemy -Udemy enables anyone to create webinars or online courses and share them with the world. Contact them.
  • Info-Surge -Info-Surge offers a web solution to help health care professionals educate patients about medical procedures. Contact them.

And in case you weren’t able to speak with any of the great companies at our Pitch Tables, here they are;

  • RentCycle -RentCycle is the central marketplace for renting anything online. Contact them.
  • Seergate – Seergate has developed a single-deployment platform allowing direct connectivity between online activities and banks for real time payments. Contact them.
  • LockerBlogger – LockerBlogger aims to become the ultimate hub for the global sports community. Contact them.
  • -is disruptive application for the music industry. Contact them.
  • MyNextCustomer -MyNextCustomer helps businesses optimize their marketing by tracking and measuring the ROI across ALL media (online, offline, and social). Contact them.
  • MyJobChart – MyJobChart is an online chore chart for kids with a reward store. Contact them.
  • Arctrieval – Arctrieval makes it easy for healthcare providers and consumers to manage their medical correspondence and health privacy rights. Contact them.
  • VSee -VSee is an application sharing and multiparty videoconferencing software designed to boost remote team productivity. Contact them.
  • FilterFoundry -Filter Foundry is a business social network for creative professionals. Contact them.
  • iGetBetter iGetBetter is a patient care web application that allows physicians to deliver and receive important progress data in real-time. Contact them.
  • Chron ITS -Chron ITS provides software to television service providers that works with their existing systems to add rich telephony control, device management, and social TV enabling functionality. Contact them.
  • Hipui -Hipui Aura virtualization technology moves the App and UI layer of a mobile device to the cloud to make cross-platform development simpler. Contact them.

And a special thanks again to our sponsors, including;

We hope to see you at future Founder Showcase events! and Founder Institute team

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