You could say I’m a Dreamer

I remember December 8, 1980, I was a junior in high school, it was Monday evening when I heard the news, I think I was listening to KROC radio station that evening doing homework, — oh wait I never did my homework! — when I heard the news. It was a very sad day, not just for Lennon and his family, but the whole world lost someone special that day. I drew this picture a few days later. I haven’t really drawn much after that, not due to the event, but just life got in the way…

John Lennon

Drawn on 12/15/1980
I completely forgot about this picture, when my parents moved, they put the few things of mine they found in a box, this was one of them. It sustained some damage back in the day and was patched up with non-archival Scotch tape 🙂

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