Why I love Kickstarter

May 12, 2011
Bryan Thatcher

I just backed a project from db clay line of wallets, it's just in time since my Paul Smith wallet has started to fall apart. It will be hard to part with my old wallet, it has a cool picture of a Jimi Hendrix looking musician with a guitar on the inside. I like the thinness of the db wallet, not sure which design I'm going with yet. I do rather dislike wallets though, it makes a bulge in your jeans and makes sitting on hard surfaces somewhat painful, I've heard, but can't substantiate that it messes with your spine. I would like to migrate this card carrying device part of my life to my iPhone as well.

This is not the first kickstarter project that I've backed, I recently backed +art for an upcoming project. I got, but for some reason I haven't used yet, the very cool iPhone tripod mount from glif.

I like some of the more creative campaigns that have been poping up on the site, I watched the video from Freaker USA. I'm not usually a fan of those bottle cozy things. I think the videos are brilliant. It makes me want to back them and I might just out of respect for their creativity. Take a look at the video, kick on over to kickstarter and start backing some great ideas.

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