My New Years Resolution(s)

I’ve always had the novel idea that I would have a New Year’s resolution, I don’t think I have ever actually had or executed one, so why change? In the last few months I have toyed with the idea, a few concepts I came to consider are:

  1. Quit smoking; yeah done it, gunna do it again and do it soon but Jan 1 seems like the wrong time
  2. Don’t drink as much; same as above
  3. Exercise more; yup again same as above above
  4. Take better pictures, hmm this one I can get behind, I like the idea it is attainable in my eye(s) so yes.

So there you have it I have made a New Year’s resolution and not only do I plan to take the damn camera off P mode more often, I will be posting a daily picture—of course along with galleries of shots on a not-so-regular basis. So my first post of the year is this, shot in Tompkins Square Park on my rainy walk home this evening.

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