Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all my dad friends.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fellow dads out there. Happy Father’s Day to my dad, wish I could spend more time with him, living in North Carolina makes that hard, and he doesn’t do anything online, ha still refuses to get a mobile phone. I find this funny, he is the most social person I know, he kinda knows everyone, only thru direct relationships. You could say he is a social butterfly, but I won’t 🙂 I didn’t inherit that aspect from him, well maybe a bit. I know I did inherit his aspect of not relying on other people, when something needed to be done he would just do it, often with me as his assistant.

I started my business when I was 27, my dad couldn’t offer me much help in that aspect, but he did hop on a train every morning for many months to help manage the construction of our office, relieving me of that task. I am grateful of that time spent with him. Ok now I feel like I need to book a flight south, it’s been too long.

I never met my moms dad, he passed before I was born, but I’m told I get my artistic side from him. I only had a short time with my dads dads when he passed I was about 4 or 5, I’m told I got my mechanical abilities from him.

Thanks to all the dads in my life, I know it’s not an easy job!

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