This is certainly the worst week of my life!

Bryan Thatcher

Helen Patricial Thatcher

Friday, family, and friends buried my beautiful Mother in a wonderful ceremony. It was a moving, sad and emotional experience full of love for my Mother.

Yesterday afternoon my Father collapsed suffering from a heart attack. My nephew Dennis Runkowski and I performed CPR for about 7 minutes until the EMT's arrived — they were fast efficient and very professional. They stabilized him and rushed to the hospital. He has been lying in the CVICU in a drug-induced coma since arriving.

This afternoon they started bringing his core temperature back up to 37ºC, they will then stop the drugs that are keeping him in a coma. We are all hopeful that after this process he will open his eyes, be alert, bitch that he is hungry and wanting to go home. This has been one of the most distraught weeks I have every experienced.

Please keep him in your thoughts, tomorrow is going to be a very big day and I hope it ends in smiles.

The doctor told us that he is suffering from a broken heart. 🙁 He loved my Mother intensely as she loved him. Here are some picture of family and friends gathering after Friday's service for my Mom.

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