I Need Better Tattoos!

Steppin Out For The Evening

What a Strange Crop

All Seeing Inner Eye

The Real Elf-on-a-Shelf

Save the Baguettes!

Nymph of the Gnomes

You Must Be Fabulous to Hail a Cab in 2063

Blue Pop

Protector or Enticer at The Castle

Attack of the Mannequins

Scooter Lyfter to Brunch

Panic at The Disco

Pantone Color for 2023

Paint Rain

Venus Takes a Break from the Moulin Rouge

Hiding In Plain Sight

Pink Warrior Goddess on BadAss Bike

Running in the Park at Midnight

Goddess over Gotham with Dragon

Woman Reclining with Dog

Winged Goddess of KickAss

Golden Girl atop a $10 Million Dollar Cube

Muzzle Blast, Goddess of Fire