10th street road repair #1

What to do when they are giant machines chewing up your street at midnight!

I know it makes sense to grind up the streets at night, my entire building was rumbling like an earthquake. So what to do, go out and shoot the mayhem. Once home, I had to re-adjust the art on the walls that all went askew.
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Montauk Cottage update

I haven't been out in a couple of weeks and finally we're seeing some progress. Landscaping is done (for now) and the reclaimed oak flooring is going in and will be done this week. Looks like we may finish this project in the 4-6 weeks now, I see the light at the end of the […]
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Outside shower

Outside shower, originally uploaded by Bryan Thatcher. The beginnings of the outdoor shower, I'm liking it so far, but had to take the spaces out in the middle section. It was a little to transparent.
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Ok would you get naked in this shower?

No response from my first design so I'm posting a new one
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Hmm would you shower in this design?

Eventually we will plant flowers and other greenery around it. Too see thru? or just enough to have that, I'm showing outdoors kinda feeling.
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We bought this cute little cottage on a lake in Montauk...

We knew it was going to be a project from the start. An old fisherman's cottage with little record of construction date and no certificate of occupancy. We bought it kinda sight unseen (believe it or not in a bidding war that we won, then was reopened to another round, we stood fast and still […]
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