I call bullshit on this

Sitting at my favorite neighborhood eatery and I see these hotspots show up, none of them work! Freaking advertising! At least give me free wifi!
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Winning Headline for Veet

Not a lot of companies can use this headline, nice work. found on AdWeek
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Fusebox creates some cool ads for Twitter+CNN

I like them, The color is running as a trade in Advertising Age this week, the Black and White in The New York Post on Wednesday! and What do you think?
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Google goes dark

This the first time that I can remember Google is using their home page to advertise something other than search and Google services. Is this going to be a trend? Earth Hour does seem like a worthy cause 
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Social Advertising

"a good wine needs no bush" — shakespeare For those you who are in the ad business, you should might know this quote. Maybe not who said it (Shakespeare) but why he said it and in what context. Those who know what I mean/quote by this, we share a similar passion, and it's this passion […]
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