Light trails downtown nyc

Light trails, Third Avenue and Delancy St.

This image sums up what it is often like to live in this wonderful city.
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10th street road repair #1

What to do when they are giant machines chewing up your street at midnight!

I know it makes sense to grind up the streets at night, my entire building was rumbling like an earthquake. So what to do, go out and shoot the mayhem. Once home, I had to re-adjust the art on the walls that all went askew.
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Empressr, times square

That time when Empressr took over the MTV video billboard. #tbt

Sometime in 2007 we (Fusebox) built the website for MTV's 44 1/2 billboard, they let us run Empressr ads on the billboard. Pretty cool. Also some night shots of Times Square 2007, it has changed a lot!
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SuzyMae Full moon

SuzyMae at the East River Park with the full Party Goat moon. #tbt

I forgot to post these to my blog July's Party Goat full moon. All shot with an Alien Bee ring flash off camera using a very low shutter speed, 6 seconds to 20 seconds.
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Lower Manhattan panoramic

Panoramic of Lower Manhattan from Liberty Park

This is a rather large file, click the image and click again for the full size. This image was created using 6 images with a 50mm lens ƒ11 at a 6-second exposure each. Original 17,568 x 4,069px Scaled for the web 3,454 × 800px
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Three super moon plus one day shots. #moonporn

Shot this evening as the moon rose over the New York City Housing Projects, the railing is on the roof of one of the buildings.
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World Trade Center as seen from Hoboken circa 1984

I shot this some time around 1984-85 while traveling between the School of Visual Arts — where I was a student and my parents house in Orange county.  
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