NYC Skyline

Crazy beautiful sunset this evening

Wow I have not seen a sunset like this in NYC in a long time.
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World Trade Center on the evening of 9/11 #nyc

Some pictures of the Trade Center on my bike ride home tonight, beautiful and moving, memories....
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Three super moon plus one day shots. #moonporn

Shot this evening as the moon rose over the New York City Housing Projects, the railing is on the roof of one of the buildings.
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Interesting sky over Brooklyn's Red Hook

I shot these yesterday while watching the BCS Soccer game in Red Hook Brooklyn.
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My Ski Trip to Vail, CO

Nice to know after not skiing for the last 5 years, I can still have fun and bomb the double diamonds. A fun weekend in Vail, certainly going to come back for the spring skiing.
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A quick trip to Montauk in the Winter

Beautiful Chilly day in Montauk!
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The lighting has been amazing out east in Montauk

A bunch of surf shots and some more of the cool sunset last night
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WOW one of the most spectacular sunsets

This just exploded for just a few minutes as the sun was setting! Overlooking my pond in Montauk
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My afternoon view

Relaxing afternoon poolside at the Gansevoort rooftop pool.
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