My Stock Positions

I decided that I should let everyone know what I’m buying, selling holding, just for fun

  • AAPL, Apple, My Favorite, I’ve been buying and selling this stock for years my current position is long at around $70
  • ADBE, Adobe, leap calls Jan $45 and Jan $50
  • AMNZ, Amazon, short at $62, yeah I’m losing and even though I like the company I think they are way overvalued
  • GOOG, Google, long at $370
  • JMBA, Jamba Juice, long at $10, not planning on holding this much longer
  • POWN, Pow Entertainment, I don’t know why I hold this, but the creator of Spiderman may have another hit left in him, plus they just signed a deal with Disney
  • GOOG, Google, leap calls Jan $600

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