JS-Kit Revolutionizes Commenting With The Launch of JS-Word

The World’s First One Word Commenting Service
  • JS-Kit, finding it incredibly difficult to scale it’s service, innovates around the problem by limiting users to one word.
  • “The reality is that most visitors can’t string two good sentences together never mind two words.  JS-Word solves this problem by focusing users minds on one great word”, Mike Arrington, TechCrunch “We will be rolling this out across the network in the coming days.”
  • JS-Kit’s patent pending “One-Word monetization model” allows verbose users to pay for additional words.  “If you have more to say, you have more to pay.”, Khris Loux, CEO JS-Kit
Full Details
After doing extensive research including focus groups and mail-in surveys over a 42-47 day period, JS-Kit releases JS-Word, a one word commenting platform for publishers.
Pressed for the details of his approach and the extensive use of recent funding, Khris Loux, CEO of JS-Kit, provides the following insight.  “Scalability is often a blanket term applied to too many users.  We think it’s just too many words.”
“After all, Mary Poppins was not a great nanny because of her umbrella.” says Chris Saad, VP of Product and Community Strategy at JS-Kit, “Accordingly we dug deep, we dug real deep. We dug the digging.”
The root source of our scalability issues was the vast number of comments.  We evaluated solutions such as deleting old comments, randomly removing comments or leaving the country.  But at the end of the day we decided that the problem was our users were too chatty.
“I sometimes wonder if our visitors can even read, let alone write.” says Arrington, Editor of TechCrunch.  “So in essence, the root of the problem for us, is having to moderate all this drivel.”

Introducing, JS-Word, visitors no longer have to worry about coherent thoughts or grammar.  Loux continues, “So if visitors can type a single word they can participate.  We are, in essence, democratizing social media to the lowest common denominator.  Groups of like minded users can even collaborate to put a sentence together. The result is users spend much more time on the site and drive more return traffic.”

What industry thought leaders are saying about JS-Word:

“Boom” – Steve Jobbs, Apple

“Change” – Barack Obama, President of the United States of America
“HaHa” Robert Scoble, RackSpace
“BullShit”, Steve Gilmor
“WTF”, Erick Schonfeld

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