Some Brooklyn London Plane Trees

London Trees, those constantly peeling trees that grow to quite some girth, are beautiful and strange. I was told long ago that these trees were sick from air pollution, but alas, that is not true; they just constantly shed their thin bark. They look incredibly cool when wet, adding a bit of contrast. Disclaimer: the trees could be American Sycamore; they are in the same family and look very similar, and I’m not much of a botanist.

(London plane trees are a hybrid of the American sycamore. They have a yellow or green underbark, while American sycamores have a white underbark.)

For the technical folks, these are all shot with Nikon D850 with a Nikkor 60mm Micro at around ƒ11 using 3 images focus stacked. The ones with the crazy speculative highlights were shot using an LED ring light.

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