Day 7 COVID self-isolation walkabout.

Running errands and brought my camera, surreal out there! Times Square and back to the East Village.

Grand Central Station

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You never know what you will see walking around NYC!

Spotted an urban climber on St. Marks Place, East Village. Yup, just a typical day in Madhattan!

Light trails, Third Avenue and Delancy St.

NYC Streets at night

This image sums up what it is often like to live in this wonderful city.

Some shots of SuzyMae walking around Monaco.

Just some fun snaps while we enjoyed this wonderful country!

What to do when they are giant machines chewing up your street at midnight!

I know it makes sense to grind up the streets at night, my entire building was rumbling like an earthquake. So what to do, go out and shoot the mayhem. Once home, I had to re-adjust the art on the walls that all went askew.

10th street road repair #1

The Cityscapes of Monaco

My week of strolling and climbing many steps of Monaco. A beautiful city but somewhat exhausting to get around, 112,000 steps walked, 228 floors climbed.

de la Haba's Monaco Show Posters

Spring Shoot with Daniel Chimowitz Fashions.

Red Apple Rest, a bit past its heyday!

My family used to stop here in the 70s when my parents were looking to move us up to Orange County from Brooklyn. Friends and I would occasionally stop here for late night snacks in High School Days. It was a fun quirky place.

These photos were shot April 2015.

Some Back story.

The Red Apple Rest was a cafeteria-style restaurant on New York State Route 17, in the Southfields section of TuxedoNew York.[1] It was a noted way station for people traveling to the hotels of the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

Before the New York State Thruway was built, the travel time from New York City to the Catskill Mountains was often four or five hours, especially during weekends. The Red Apple Rest, located almost halfway, became a major roadside stopping place.[2] The restaurant was opened in May 1931 by Reuben Freed.[3]

Excerpted from Wikipedia

Abstract color foil, what happens on a rainy day.

Some color gels and some tin foil equals interesting results.

NYFW shooting @desmondisamazing, @suzymaenyc, and @mhsexpert featuring @daniel_chimowitz clothing, fun times!

McSorley's Fireman Helmet

At McSorley’s, honor, respect, and tradition live and breathe in unique ways: Back in 2002, on the first anniversary of 911, at 3:43 PM, Richie Schmidt stood atop the bar and gave the most loving, poignant speech about the brotherhood ever heard. The sawdust covered floors soaked up more than spilled ale.

In tribute to Richie Schmidt, the FDNY and the NYPD, and to all who serve selflessly to protect, McSorley’s artist Gregory de la Haba created the sterling silver McSorley’s Firemen Helmet with the hopes that the honorable deeds of those who put their lives on the line each day, and to those who gave the greatest sacrifice, will be remembered each day —a tangible tribute to Never Forget.

Pendant in Sterling Silver with a Sterling Silver 20" chain.

You can get yours here 

A portion of the proceeds to benefit The Silver Shield Foundation.

Image compression shootout.

My site has always been very image heavy, well that is what I do. The downside to that is your site becomes a bit slower, especially when viewing on mobile. So instead of making the images small on the site I started looking into better compression methods or methodologies. What I did was export from Lightroom as a resized jpg, I always resize to 2000px on the long edge, the Lightroom sample was set to 80% quality and 50% quality—trying to match the other compression engines. I then exported a 90% quality for testing (EWWW has file max file size) with the other methods. The other tests were done using ImageOptim and EWWW Image.

No Compression — Size, 1.6MB
Lightroom 80% compression — Size, 656KB
Lightroom 50% Compression — Size, 306KB
ImageOptim ‚ Size, 276KB
EWWW — Size, 225KB
Composite, No Compression, Lightroom 80%, Lightroom 50%, ImageOptim, EWWW

And a test with a more complex image, what I mean by complex is when you jpg an image like the image above with the smooth blue sky will result in a small file size than the same size image with a busy background and un-uniform patterns in clothing, like below.

No Compression — Size, 2.1MB
Lightroom 80% Compression — Size, 1.5MB
Lightroom 50% Compression — Size, 800KB
ImageOptim ‚ Size, 701KB
EWWW — Size, 851KB

I left them in the same order as the first even though ImageOptim and Lightroom 50% files resulted in smaller file sizes.

Composite, No Compression, Lightroom 80%, Lightroom 50%, ImageOptim, EWWW

Update, I decided to add a closer crop shot

No Compression — Size, 1.2MB
Lightroom 80% — Size, 491MB
Lightroom 50% — Size, 225MB
ImageOptim — Size, 199KB
EWWW — Size, 185KB
Composite, No Compression, Lightroom 80%, Lightroom 50%, ImageOptim, EWWW

Interesting that is this sample I see a noticeable color shift in the two right hand images, but the artifacts are not as noticeable as the first sample. Other than the color shifts these images look pretty good.

The composites were combined in Photoshop and saved as jpgs with 0 compression in order not to add any other artifacts to the images.

You can see the full resolution images if you click the images.


ImageOptim and EWWW are an extra step in processing images, The Lightroom 50% compression has slightly more artifacts than ImageOptim, and it seems the EWWW is doing something to blur the artifacts these only become visibly distracting at 200% or above, and barely noticeable at 100% (look at the hair flyaways in the first set of images). In the second image I see artifacts in their skin especially in the Lightroom 50% and her eyelashes begin to wash away. I thought I would see more in the fishnet stocking, but it is pretty clean across all of them

So, I am going to continue with ImageOptim over a 50% Lightroom jpg, the file sizes are similar but the quality is far better. I am happy with the results of having images that are roughly half the size and still good quality.

Thanks to  SuzyMaenyc for letting me use her in the first set and to Daniel Chimowitz and SuzyMaenyc in the second set.

Sandhill Cranes

From our trip last December, I've been a bit lazy about posting. Going to change that up a bit, especially now that the weather has warmed up.

sandhill cranes

sandhill cranes sandhill cranes sandhill cranes


A super short video of me making coffee using an Aero Press.

Took a little walkabout to see some fall colors in Central Park

Central Park is beautiful year round, it is especially picturesque in the fall with the splashes of color.

Tompkins Square Park Doggy Parade video

Following SuzyMae in drag and Leila unicorn pup around the park.

2017 Halloween Dog Parade, Tompkins Square Park

SuzyMae as a drag queen and Leila as a unicorn pup at this years Halloween Dog Parade.

That time I took the Cross Sound Ferry #tbt

Long Island to Connecticut at sunset, This is the Peck Ledge Light that sits surrounded by water. The shot is from September 2007.

Peck Ledge Light

Turtle Moving Day

The Turtles Mott and Orb all grown-up, time to move them to The Turtle Pond Central Park. This is their adventure traveling from the East Village to the Park.

Flashback to October 2008 a working lunch #fbf

Working at Amsterdam's Cafe Batavia 1920 with @Werner, @Marlooz and @Globalcitizen, good times. Hard to believe that was 9 years ago.

Montauk — September 2010 — SuzyMae in my classic 1976 Land Cruiser #tbt

SuzyMae in the Land Cruiser

I miss Montauk and the Land Cruiser.

It started as a beautiful day...

Probably one of the first images shot of the tragedy at 8:48 AM, I have some from 1 minute after, I posted that one a few years back.

Throwback to July when SuzyMae cleaned the fridge #fbf

A fun little shoot of SuzyMae doing a bit of fridge maintenance in pink lingerie.