Monaco Casio

The Cityscapes of Monaco

My week of strolling and climbing many steps of Monaco. A beautiful city but somewhat exhausting to get around, 112,000 steps walked, 228 floors climbed.
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Red Apple Rest Decay

Red Apple Rest, a bit past its heyday!

My family used to stop here in the 70s when my parents were looking to move us up to Orange County from Brooklyn. Friends and I would occasionally stop here for late-night snacks in my High School Days. It was a fun quirky place. These photos were shot in April 2015. Some Back story. The Red […]
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sandhill cranes

Sandhill Cranes

From our trip last December, I've been a bit lazy about posting. Going to change that up a bit, especially now that the weather has warmed up.
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Lighthouse at Sunset

That time I took the Cross Sound Ferry #tbt

Long Island to Connecticut at sunset, This is the Peck Ledge Light that sits surrounded by water. The shot is from September 2007.
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Amsterdam 2008

Flashback to October 2008 a working lunch #fbf

Working at Amsterdam's Cafe Batavia 1920 with @Werner, @Marlooz and @Globalcitizen, good times. Hard to believe that was 9 years ago.
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Texas Sunset

A collection of Sunrises and Sunsets from our trip to Austin last month.

Just a small collection of Sunsets and a few Sunrises from out trip to Austin this past December.
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Trail of Lights, peace

Austin Trail of Lights Xmas Celebration

A walk around downtown Austin for the Xmas festival.
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SuzyMae, by Bryan Thatcher

SuzyMae on Jim Stevens Harley Davidson

From last month down at my parents house.
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SuzyMae, vintage coke cooler

The Road-trip Home From Yet Another Week of Mourning.

The route out of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, heading to Mountain City, Tennessee, we passed a couple of old Gas Stations along the way. SuzyMae and I had to stop for a few photos.
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Brussels 2010

Thinking of the people of Brussels, very sad day.

Very disheartening to hear the news of bombings in Brussels. I visited this wonderful city back in 2010 when I gave a talk to budding entrepreneurs for The Founders Institute. Stay Strong!
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Visual of SXSW 2011

I shot this last year on my trip back from SXSW 2010 on the approach to JFK, but it seems a more appropriate pic for this year, way too many people, way too spread out, and way too crowded. I hope they tighten it up for SXSW 2012. ps. not that it wasn't fun and […]
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Kassandra in Giza by the pyramids

Finally heard from Kassandra today via a blog post, looks and sounds like they are having a great time
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Founder Showcase Recap

Thanks again for attending last week's Founder Showcase - we hope you had a great time! The Founder Showcase is a quarterly event, so we're always looking to improve - please leave us feedback at As a recap to the event; MightyMeeting's Dmitri Tcherevik won top pitch, winning $2500 in cash, $1000 in free legal […]
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A whole lotta pictures from my trip

New York -> San Diego -> Los Angeles -> San Diego -> New York in 4 days. I edited the 1200 down to a mere 135
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Founder Institute fall/winter sessions

Excited for the the new semester of the Founder Institute. I'll be mentoring 10 sessions in 4 cities, the first kicking off in 2 weeks in San Diego, the topic is Naming and Branding, I'm also mentoring the same topic this January in Seattle. The Institute is also holding sessions in New York City and […]
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Some Favorite Pictures from Amsterdam

A hidden feature that I found out exists from Matt, thanks dude this is cool.
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My Empressr PicsShow from Web 2.0 Expo Week

Lot's of great people at #w2e, I know I didn't gets shots of many of you. Till next time...
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I'm Heading to San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Expo

I'm heading to Sunny California on Monday the 30th for a week long immersion into the Web 2.0 Expo. Unlike the past years at #w2e where I was presenting or exhibiting Empressr, this year I will be there checking out what new technologies and ideas are being presented and blogging back about them. This is […]
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