Hmm would you shower in this design?

Eventually we will plant flowers and other greenery around it. Too see thru? or just enough to have that, I'm showing outdoors kinda feeling.
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Busy week for old media munching on New Media

Interesting week, after last weeks much publicized deal dump of Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo, we get CBS swallowing CNET, Comcast chomped Plaxo, and today Conde Nast slurping up Ars Technia. Some thoughts, as a shareholder of Yahoo, I would of made out well in the MS Yhoo deal, as a user of Yahoo, I feel […]
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Hi this is my test from...

Hi this is my test from Jott to my word pressed(?) blog, pretty interesting. See if it works. listen Powered by Jott
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WordPress update... thanks

I was ready to abandon ship, it was so slow and safari didn't work... latest update is flowing smooth. Now I just need to slap a decent design on the damn site.
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GM the crappiest
company in the US

This New York Times article doesn't prove it, but to me it enhances it. I paid a NET 30 invoice from GM 21 days early and received a negative mark on my credit score due to their fucked up staff, bizare procedures and unorganized company, they did however place the mark on my account 15 […]
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Swearing at Work
Relieves Stress

Next time you're having a rough day at work, let a few expletives fly. Swearing can ease stress and boost team spirit, according to a new study at the University of East Anglia. Yehuda Baruch, the professor who led the study, said the researchers found "swearing was used as a social phenomenon to reflect solidarity […]
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Gunna hang with
the Clintons tonight

Well, we'll be in the same room, a rather large room. Should be fun it sounds like they have all the stars showing up. Tags: hillaryclinton birthday party
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Nice Post by Arrington
About Yossi Vardi

I read Michael's post on Techcrunch today, I wanted to add a favorite quote by Mark Twain, to me this is also a reminder how to deal with critics. Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can […]
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My Ken Burns of Coney Island

Music by Tom Waits... Thanks Tom
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Coney Island

It's closing at the end of the summer 🙁 So I took my Daughter and a friend of hers to experience it.
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