iPad first thoughts

You say you want a revolution? Well it is here and it is in the shape of a giant iPhone, but the comparison ends there. The iPad is a serious computing device, I don't know where or how exactly this product will effect my life, but in the first three hours of using it I […]
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This is crazy

My keyboard and trackpad went south, last week, so I brought my MacBook Pro to the Apple store and it magically all worked. ok. Then this past weekend on Sunday same shit no keyboard or trackpad, plugging in external works fine... but I'm stressing, and I don't really need the additional stress, heading to San […]
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These guys actually get paid to write shit like this?

I love CNN, but I don't get the purpose or the intent of this article! One the iPhone rocks, yes it is missing a few features I would really love to have. The usability, like no other phone or device, EVER. Need to get your email, you know exactly what button to click, need web, […]
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