the island ride

the island ride, originally uploaded by Bryan Thatcher. We scored an awesome ride for cruzin island style. It fit all five of us comfortably and it was good on the old fuel. I especially liked the creative paint, not quite a a flame job nor two tone, in fact I have not idea, let's just […]
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Test driving the Tesla Roadster

Wow sums up the experience of taking a pre-production Tesla Roadster for a test drive thru the streets of Palo Alto Thursday evening. Super cool and super fast, the acceleration is a neck-snapping 3.9 seconds for getting this beautiful piece of aluminum and carbon fiber to 60 miles per hour! Even at 60mph, stab the […]
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New Ride

05/08/2008, originally uploaded by Bryan Thatcher. Yes it has that "new car smell" The sales guy spent an hour explaining the onboard computer features, I just kept telling him yeah yeah yeah I got it, you don't need to explain this to me, shocked, replied "nobody gets this the first time" informed him that I'm, […]
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