Test driving the Tesla Roadster

Wow sums up the experience of taking a pre-production Tesla Roadster for a test drive thru the streets of Palo Alto Thursday evening. Super cool and super fast, the acceleration is a neck-snapping 3.9 seconds for getting this beautiful piece of aluminum and carbon fiber to 60 miles per hour! Even at 60mph, stab the pedal and the same torque hits you as you get pushed back in your seat to leap to 80+, wow.


It is a strange feeling to be in a car like this that is so fast, yet silent. The whole concept of what an internal combustion engine car is just gets tossed aside. At idle (doesn’t really apply since the car is essentially off when stopped) there is no power to the steering, no rumble no vibrations, then stab the accelerator and wooooosh the car just comes to life. Awesome experience.

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