Test driving the Tesla Roadster

Wow sums up the experience of taking a pre-production Tesla Roadster for a test drive thru the streets of Palo Alto Thursday evening. Super cool and super fast, the acceleration is a neck-snapping 3.9 seconds for getting this beautiful piece of aluminum and carbon fiber to 60 miles per hour! Even at 60mph, stab the […]
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Making Fusebox and Empressr just a little greener

Getting bottled water has always bothered me, it seemed like such a waste, between the processing and trucks delivering it, makes the water very unfriendly to the environment. So last week we got rid of the bottled water and installed a water purification system, the system feeds both the water cooler and the coffee machine. […]
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lean mean orange green machine

ZoneTag Photo Monday 3:10 pm 5/26/08 Montauk, New York, originally uploaded by Bryan Thatcher. My green machine, I use this as my main mode of transportation in Montauk. Gets 150 mile to a gallon of gas, goes 30 mph, and folds to fit in your trunk. I think it might be more efficient than if […]
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Google goes dark

This the first time that I can remember Google is using their home page to advertise something other than search and Google services. Is this going to be a trend? Earth Hour does seem like a worthy cause 
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The 11th Hour

I am writing to tell you about the powerful new environmental film by NRDC Trustee Leonardo DiCaprio. The new film, "The 11th Hour," documents the environmental crises we face and the solutions we must begin to implement. Please take a look at the trailer here: Featuring reformer Mikhail Gorbachev, physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel Prize […]
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Tidal Turbines Help Light Up Manhattan

Turbines are being submerged in the East River to generate electricity from rapid tidal currents. This is very cool, I've been looking into installing a wind turbine on the roof of my office building, but this seems like a better idea. As an owner of a small company that uses more power per person than […]
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