grandpa Mack drawing

My Grandfathers only surviving drawing.

A drawing my grandfather did in 1923, he would draw every Sunday, unfortunately, this is the only one that survived.
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John Lennon

A drawing I did of John Lennon back in 1982

Hard to believe is was 36 years ago today.
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RIP John Lennon!

A drawing I did back in 1980...
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You could say I'm a Dreamer

I remember December 8 1980, I was a junior in high school, it was Monday evening when I heard the news, I think I was listening to KROC radio station that evening doing homework, — oh wait I never did my homework! — when I heard the news. It was a very sad day, not just for […]
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Milton Glaser; Ten Things I Have Learned

I came across this list from a random tweet I followed and felt I had to repost it. This is from a talk Glaser had at the AIGA London in 2001, it is still very relevant today, that is the beauty of Glaser. His work thought his career is as relevant and fresh today as […]
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Kevin Rose challenges me... us... ok the gazillion followers he has to create an avatar using faceyourmanga this is the best I could do!
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