Now there is some powerful peeps

I love that random flickr sidebar thingy that's on my blog, it's just over there to the right. and every so often the mixture of pictures surprises and make me […]

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Some Favorite Pictures from Amsterdam

A hidden feature that I found out exists from Matt, thanks dude this is cool.

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My Picture Managment Workflow

A nightmarish problem that just keeps growing and growing is how to deal with all your personal data when it comes to pictures and video. I've been using this work-flow […]

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Some Halloween Pics

Laura Richard and Chris Mike Richard and Chris Posted via Pixelpipe.

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Wrapped up the student mentoring yesterday

This is the first time I have done something like this, It was fun to create something that was not related to Empressr or Fusebox. Well it is kinda related […]

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Was off the hook! I'm back in NYC now, I just posted some pictures to flickr and I'm tring to upload a video to youtube, but it is taking way […]

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