Light Painting from above JFK

P1050236, originally uploaded by Bryan Thatcher. As we circled the airport on approach to JFK, kinda surreal
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I gotta Hack College Hoodie and You Didn't :)

Thanks to Kelly and Chris at
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Empressr Sponsors Hack College

Kelly worked for me (Empressr) at our booth at SXSW during the interactive festival. He totally killed it! I just had to help them with their podcast. I'm proud to sponsor them. So check out, even if your not a student anymore, you might learn something new.
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Recurring SXSW dream

Strange as it may be... I spent the past week at the SXSW festival with little sleep lots of partying and meeting many, many new friends. What I didn't expect was that upon my return home to New York, where I anticipated getting some rest, was not going to happen—at least I avoided the @southbyscurvy. […]
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Empressr a Webware100 Finalist
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VOTE NOW 🙂 We are excited that Empressr was nominated (ha, and I didn't even do i) as a finalist for the Webware 100. For all of our fans, I would love if you would give us your vote. Thanks and we'll see you in Austin for SXSW (booth 224).
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does this design work?

I'm about to send this to print for SXSW, Would you wear this t-shirt?
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