Central Park, The Pool

Took a little walkabout to see some fall colors in Central Park

Central Park is beautiful year round, it is especially picturesque in the fall with the splashes of color.
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Gregory de la Habas iconic work on the beach in Montauk.

Photo by: Bryan Thatcher Art by: Gregory de la Haba Represented by: Amstel Gallery This image is copyrighted do not reproduce without permission
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A quick trip to Montauk in the Winter

Beautiful Chilly day in Montauk!
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Don't Hold Your Breath

https://youtube.com/watch?v=r1VdGbWnITk%3Fversion%3D3 Kassandra's Short story at Berkeley Carroll reading in Greenwich Village, WOW that's all I can say
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The lighting has been amazing out east in Montauk

A bunch of surf shots and some more of the cool sunset last night
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WOW one of the most spectacular sunsets

This just exploded for just a few minutes as the sun was setting! Overlooking my pond in Montauk
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Pictures from Hurricane Earl

The day before Earl, was some big surf, but we seemed to have escaped the brunt of the storm.
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Got Some Nice Surfing Shots this Morning

[flickr album=72157622254496510 num=5 size=Small]
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Making Fusebox and Empressr just a little greener

Getting bottled water has always bothered me, it seemed like such a waste, between the processing and trucks delivering it, makes the water very unfriendly to the environment. So last week we got rid of the bottled water and installed a water purification system, the system feeds both the water cooler and the coffee machine. […]
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