OK, I’m one of the 90% of users that love their iPhone

While based on my last post, my “switching” experience was not a very favorable one (it downright sucked) but after 2 days of at&t working on my problem, it was resolved. And I’m happy. I think that my experience is more of an exception, I was switching my Verizon phone to at&t, I already have an at&t account and wanted to move it to that account, that account is a business account and after porting my number to that account I/we (the AT&T rep) found out that iPhones don’t work on business accounts —What The F#$!*%. So i received a temp number while they worked out moving my ported number to a personal at&t account… WHEEEW

The iPhone is awesome, for starters, the voice quality is the best of any phone I’ve ever owned — I’ve been a mobile user since 1992, so I’ve been thru a lot of handsets, it does in fact rival the quality of my desk IP phone… oh wait that doesn’t always work… it kicks ass over my IP phone.

I’ve had enough time to put all the features to test and have not encountered one glitch! There are of course features I would like to see. Mainly 2 that drive me crazy; todo, yeah I know that the todo has been completely reorgd for Leopard and Apple wasn’t going to retrofit the iPhone to Tiger, but that is a feature I use all the time… I’m looking at some web based solutions to bridge the gap for now. The other is Flash, My flagship product Empressr is Flash based and it troubles me that I and other iPhone users cannot access the site, I hope this is a fix real soon.

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