New Years Eve 2016, Bryan, SuzyMae, Silvia, Ediy and Matt

New Years Eve, Disclosure in Brooklyn

Fun night, my ears are still ringing!
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Trail of Lights, peace

Austin Trail of Lights Xmas Celebration

A walk around downtown Austin for the Xmas festival.
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Got to meet and photograph 4 of the 6 brothers from the Documentary Wolfpack

At the Museum of The Moving Picture Screening. See the article written by Kury McVey for Whitehot Magazine. The site for the film, I highly recommend checking it out, it's on Netflix.
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This Is How The Internet Sees Me

It is interesting that it grabs a bunch of information that has nothing to do with me, maybe it would work better if I had a more unique name. check it out yourself
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ESPN Zone Hosts Father's Day Q&A

Panel to discuss Houston's Father Knows Best Basketball Tour, plus the importance of their own fathers Wade Houston, Edwin Ferguson and Jerome Rhodes in their professional and personal lives Hosted by ESPN Zone and Video by Lockerblogger Video streaming by Ustream
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ESPN Zone Hosts Father's Day Q&A With NBA All-Star Allan Houston, Current Jets Ferguson and Rhodes

Panel to discuss Houston's Father Knows Best Basketball Tour, plus the importance of their own fathers Wade Houston, Edwin Ferguson and Jerome Rhodes in their professional and personal lives WHAT: Former New York Knicks captain Allan Houston, a two-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist, will be at ESPN Zone Tuesday, June 16 for a […]
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Montauk's, 668, The Gig Shack

Three Montauk brothers have reopened their café, 668 the Gigshack. Arden, Sky and Gray Gardell, are local surfers and surfcasters. The Café has an outdoor wine and beer bar and is open seven days, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is indoor/patio seating, a take out menu and beach catering available. Gray, the youngest executive […]
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Slidefail: April Fools Joke Goes Wrong

Everyone loves a good April fools day joke, and the tech world loves to make jokes about themselves. But no one likes to be the butt of the joke, especially when you make the joke on your users directly. Charlie Odonnell @ceonyc was the recipient of a joke gone wrong and he was pissed, check […]
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Big surf hits Montuak

A storm surge hit Montauk this past weekend with some huge waves. Way too much for me, I opted to take some shots instead.
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Right Here. Right Now.

Right Here. Right Now., originally uploaded by youngdancecollective. Come experience a dance-exploration into the art of becoming one’s self as interpreted by seven inspired and inspiring teen artists. The Young Dance Collective hurtles against and through expectations of where they are in the scheme of life. Alert, ardent, open and decisive, this sophisticated company offers […]
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Gary Vaynerchuk vs Jim Cramer

Very cool the two finally meet and have a passionate discussion about wine on TV!
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Recurring SXSW dream

Strange as it may be... I spent the past week at the SXSW festival with little sleep lots of partying and meeting many, many new friends. What I didn't expect was that upon my return home to New York, where I anticipated getting some rest, was not going to happen—at least I avoided the @southbyscurvy. […]
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I love this site

Not that I would need to visit it more than once, or twice. d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y ...but I guess that a one page site that probably never gets updated wouldn't draw you to it every morning over coffee.
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Snowboard Competition
Comes to NYC

Union Square has been transformed into a winter snowboarding park where tomorrow, Feb 7 the second annual Snowboard Completion will take place, Pretty cool. I'll try and get some shots of it.
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Best coffee I've had in th USA

Blue Bottle Coffee at 66 Mint St San Francisco CA. These guys are certainly artists when it comes to the art of making coffee.
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Childless at
The Hampton Film Festival

Another film by my friend Dan Stoloff has a sneak preview at the Hampton Film Festival, if you are in town that day check it out, I'll be there. Sunday October 21st at 4pm at the East Hampton UA4 Theater.
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Time to short the record

Techcrunch reports on the second big name defecting from the labels and "going out on their own". First Radiohead and now NIN. I think it's great, the record companies have always made too much money by overcharging the public and underpaying the artists!
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Opening in a Theater
Near You

OCTOBER 12 THE FINAL SEASON check out the trailer at dan stoloff: director of photography This is a new film by my good friend Dan, please check it out, he is a great cinematographer, I love his work.
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