Why Citysearch should just pull the plug

August 12, 2008

I was looking for a restaurant to have dinner with my wife this evening. I couldn't remember the name of the place I wanted to go to, but I knew the street it was on, the cross street, and the type of cuisine. I figured a quick search on Citysearch would find the place, after choosing the neighborhood and the type of restaurant, I started scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. OK, lets try again, I know the street so I should be able to put Bond St, New York, NY and it would return the results of what restaurants were located on and around that street. Error, doesn't recognize the address, hmmm try again I know a building number that is close by, try that same error, fuck I've had enough... gone.

So I try, maps.google.com typed, restaurant bond st nyc

third result was my restaurant, including ratings, reviews and a map.

Done in less than 10 seconds, I spent 10 minutes on Citysearch for zero results (I guess Citysearch made more money in ad dollars than Google did on that search 🙂

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